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Our partnership proudly works with SHU, voted 'University of the year for teaching quality 2019'

Places still available for PE - email to find out if you are eligible

Our School Direct Programme forms an important aspect of the professional development role of the partnership. Through School Direct, we wish to recruit, nurture and develop new and exciting talent to the profession as part of our drive to promote outstanding teaching and learning.

With a tailored in-house professional development programme and a culture of sharing best practice within and across schools, Penistone Area Partnership provides an excellent setting for School Direct.  As a result, 100% of our School Direct trainees have found employment each year.   A fantastic achievement. 

Working in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University, we offer placements in primary and a wide range of secondary subjects including English, Maths and Science.

You will be trained in a highly supportive and aspirational environment and will develop the rigour, professional knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for the delivery of creative, purposeful and challenging teaching and learning.

​As part of your School Direct training with Penistone Area Partnership you will:

  • Be supported by outstanding teachers within your area, have a school-based mentor and an academic tutor from Sheffield Hallam University who will be a specialist in their subject area.
  • Benefit from high quality sessions with other PGCE students at Sheffield Hallam University where research informed practice and the theoretical under-pinning of classroom practice will be shared and critiqued.
  • Take part in innovative in-school seminars throughout your training.  These sessions will introduce a different aspect of pedagogy such as lesson design, positive behaviour management and assessment for learning. Blending teaching theory and practice and delivered by the leading teachers in school, they are designed to complement your University programme of study and build to a research project of your choice to be completed in your final term.

This comprehensive training programme will lead to a PGCE which includes qualified teacher status and can be used as the first third of a post-graduate Master’s Degree, should you wish to continue with academic professional development in the early part of your teaching career.

Interview Process

Once selected for interview you will be invited to interview at Penistone Grammar School, the lead school in the Partnership.

In preparation for your interview you will be sent an interview pack outlining the plan of the day and what you will require to complete in preparation for your interview.

The day will consist of:

  • Leading a 20 minute lesson around your subject
  • Knowledge checker task
  • Subject specific task
  • Interview with the LITEC, Head of T&L and subject leader.

If you are successful you will be offered a place within the Partnership with your location and circumstances considered when being placed.

Programme Structure

You will begin the course in September in your host school from day 1 as a member of staff.   Your training will consist of 2 placements over the year, a 1-day primary placement and various observations.

You will attend SHU every Friday until February half term to participate in CPD, subject knowledge enhancement and meetings with your academic tutor.

Every Wednesday afternoon at Penistone Grammar School, the secondary trainees come together to participate in an inspiring CPD programme, designed to develop your teaching pedagogy. This is run by the Director of Teacher Development: T&L.

Placement 1; Host School: September – December (15 weeks)      Teaching allocation: 8 hours

During this placement you will begin by observing a range of classes, with observations having a key focus to support your professional development. You will observe a variety of KS3 and KS4 lessons which you will eventually begin to teach. This gives you the opportunity to meet your groups but also understand their needs.

When you feel you are ready you will begin by team teaching with the host teacher, or taking parts of a lesson, such as a starter activity, a main challenge or a plenary.

When you return after October half term you will be expected to take responsibility for the classes on your timetable, teaching full lessons with the host teacher as support.

During this placement you will NOT be formally observed before October half term, but given feedback to support your professional development. Once you begin teaching your classes you will receive a formal lesson observation every 2 weeks which will form part of your professional development evidence.

During the first placement you will have a Formative and Summative Review of your progress against the teaching standards.

Placement 2; Comparison School: January to February (6 weeks)   – Teaching allocation: 10 hours.

During your 2nd placement you will visit and teach in another school within the partnership.   From the 1st day you will be given a timetable and be expected to teach. You will formally be observed 3 times by the host teacher, mentor or the schools ITEC.

Placement 3; Return to Host School: February to June

You will return to your host school 5 days a week, with a 12-hour timetable. The formal observations will continue every fortnight to build evidence for your professional development portfolio.   Your final 2 reviews will be conducted during this placement, with the Summative review being conduced on the final week of the course.

Absences:   If for any reason your are absent during the year, your mentor and the Partnership will support you to complete all teaching standards. There is time at the end of the training year, if required.

Reviews:     During the year you will have 2 formative and summative reviews, reviewing your progress. This will support your development but also provide the partnership with information to support your professional development.

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