Everything we do at PGS is rewards-led. All staff will seek to recognise the achievements of our students. This will include rewarding effort in class and home learning, 100% attendance and punctuality, for contributions to school life, in recognition of support for other students, or for doing something that has the ‘wow’ factor.

The planner is central to our rewards system. During every lesson students will be expected to have their planner open on their desk at the correct page for that week so teachers can stamp merits directly into the planner in recognition of positive learning behaviours. Each Monday there will be a dedicated mentor session which will enable Achievement Mentors to congratulate students and record the number of merits they have received.

All adults in school will actively seek opportunities to praise our students. Students will be rewarded through written or verbal praise, phone calls home, merits and commendations (5x merits).

At the end of each half-term there will be rewards including gift vouchers, queue jump passes and certificates.

At the end of each term there will be mega reward experiences for those students who have achieved the qualifying number of points (based on a ratio of 5 merits to one line).  These may include*:

  • Christmas Celebration – A visit to a winter wonderland to enjoy all the fun of the season!
  • Easter Extravaganza – An amazing visit to a theme park!
  • Summer Spectacular – Celebrating the end of the school year in the glorious sunshine at Penfest, our very own music and food festival!

*     Rewards events are subject to change in response to student voice.


We aim to provide students with every opportunity to  try something  new outside their standard timetabled lessons. We know that each time our students step outside their comfort zone and try something new, they grow in confidence and develop a new skill they can use for the rest of their life.

At Penistone Grammar School we offer a full range of activities for students to participate in. Our after-school enrichment programme features a full programme of sports, arts and learning-based clubs,  most  of  which run from 14:50 to 15:50 each evening. Our after-school enrichment programme changes each half-term and can be accessed via Frog.

In addition to our after-school programme, throughout their five-year journey every student will have the chance to participate in at least one residential trip, either in this country; for example, the Year 7 annual residential in the Peak District, or abroad, with sightseeing visits to Paris and skiing in Italy already planned into our school calendar.

To complement the core offer, students also have the chance to sign up to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme where they will work towards achieving a nationally accredited qualification. Or World Challenge, for which students undertake fundraising activities to travel to far-reaching parts of the World and participate in environmental or community-based projects.

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