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Charity Christmas Hamper Appeal

Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity
Christmas Hampers

Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity is close to the heart of all at PGS.  At Christmas we deliver hampers for the staff who work tirelessly at the hospital and Embrace Transport.

A massive thank you to all students, parents/carers and staff who contributed to our Christmas Hamper Appeal this year from Mrs Booker Lead Head of House and Mr Gillett Assistant Principal of Inclusion

Friday 13 December 2019

The PGS Christmas Jumper non-uniform was held on Friday 13 December with  £1 donations going to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital.
A big thank you to Students and staff  who wore Christmas Jumpers on the day or  chose to wear something else with a Christmas element!

Christmas Rewards 2019

Wednesday 17 December
Year 7 and Year 8 Ice Sheffield
Years 9, 10 and 11 Winter Wonderland
and York Outlet

As part of our rewards initiative, our exciting Rewards Event for students who had a positive rewards total was to Ice Sheffield for students in  Y7 and Y8 and to Winter Wonderland York for students in  Y9. Y10, and Y11.

Thank you to all teaching and associate staff who made this event possible for our students at PGS

Our House Team

The House system at Penistone Grammar School is instrumental in helping all our students to recognise the part they play as members of our school community and the positive contributions they can make to their wider community.  The House system underpins our approach to tutor time, which is horizontal delivered split between the 5 Houses.


 The history of Penistone Grammar School is important to us all and​ this is reflected in the names of our Houses, all of which are significant for Penistone.​


Mrs Booker
Lead Head of House
Head of Netherfield House

​Mr Clegg
Head of
Bowman House

​Mr Staniforth
Head of
Fulford House

​Mrs Harpham
Head of
Saunderson House

​Mr Edwards
Head of
Weirfield House

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