Attendance Matters​

Excellent attendance at school is crucial to enable all students to reach their full potential.

Every day or lesson missed is a day or lesson lost.

Penistone Grammar School expects that all students will achieve a minimum attendance of 97%.

The table below highlights the importance of good attendance and the impact poor attendance will have (based on research conducted by the Government in March 2016)

For further information, please see the Department for Education report ‘The link between absence and attainment at KS2 and KS4’.

Improving Attendance and Punctuality A Guide for Parents and Carers
Parents/Carers – for more information regarding improving attendance and puncuatilty please click on the link below:

Attendance and Punctuality at PGS


Request for Leave of Absence during term time

Parents/carers if you are intending taking your child out of school during term time, please read the ‘Attendance and Punctuality at PGS’  booklet from the link above.

If you are intending taking your child out of school during term time, please complete a Leave of Absence Request form  from the link with as much information as possible.  Send this to the Head of Attendance at the school.   Penistone Grammar School ALC will advise you promptly of our decision via a letter from the Principal.  

If you decide to withdraw your child from school for a Leave of Absence which has not been authorised a Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued.

Leave of Absence Request Form 2019

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