Key Stage 5 Physical Education 

If you have a passion for historical, physiological, sociological, psychological and biomechanical elements of sport, as well as an up to date knowledge of contemporary and current issues in the industry then this is the course for you.

You will need to demonstrate a high level of motivation and commitment to work independently, demonstrating a desire to succeed.

You will be assessed practically in the fully competitive version of one sport as either a performer or coach. You will also be assessed theoretically across six areas; three in Paper 1 and three in Paper 2. Success in A Level PE is heavily reliant on your willingness and ability to compete or coach regularly in sport.

Paper 1: (35% of final grade)
Section A – Applied Anatomy & Physiology
Section B – Skill Acquisition
Section C – Sport & Society

Paper 2: (35% of final grade)
Section A – Exercise Physiology & Biomechanics
Section B – Sport Psychology
Section C – Sport & Society and Technology in Sport

Practical Performance: (15% of final grade)
Practical performance in/through the fully competitive version of one sport as either a performer or coach (internally assessed and moderated by AQA). This will be submitted via a video recording of at least three fully competitive events/games which are compiled and filmed by you in your own time. This video recording must be ready for assessment by the spring term of year 13. You will be assigned a practical teacher/mentor who will support you with this.

Performance Analysis & Evaluation: (15% of final grade)
Written and/or verbal account of analysis & evaluation of self (internally assessed and moderated by AQA).

Future Study and Career Opportunities
This course can lead on to a variety of physical education and sports study-related courses in Higher Education.

Careers in Teaching, Coaching, Sports Development, Recreational Management, Health, Leisure and Fitness, the Leisure Industry and Professional Sports are all supported by an A Level in Sport.

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