Key Stage 5 – Modern Languages

Studying French or Spanish at A Level will give practical competency as well as providing a basis for further study. We will expect you to be keen to develop your skills and to be increasingly independent in your studies. Motivation, commitment and enthusiasm for the subject are essential.

The A Level course is designed to build on the knowledge, understanding and skills you have gained at GCSE. It has a focus on language, culture and society as well as on grammar. You will develop a range of transferable skills including communication, critical thinking, research skills and creativity.

In year 1 we will cover a variety of topic areas including:
– Aspects of French/Spanish-speaking society: current trends
– Artistic culture in the French/Spanish-speaking world
– The study of a film

In year 2, you will study the following topics:
– Aspects of French/Spanish-speaking society: current issues
– Aspects of political life in the French/Spanish-speaking world
– The study of a set text

You will sit exams which will cover all four skills:
– Listening, reading and writing exam, to include translation to and/or from English
– Writing exam, based on the texts or film studied
– Speaking exam

Future Study and Career Opportunities
An A Level in Language can lead to Higher and Further study opportunities in Foreign Languages and International Studies.   Languages is recognised as a valuable qualification across a variety of sectors including Translation & Interpreting, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Journalism and Teaching.

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