Key Stage 4 Belief and Ethics

Religious Studies is taught over 6 hours per fortnight by subject specialists and is useful for a wide range of careers. You will gain subject knowledge and transferrable skills which are excellent for the workplace and wider world.

What will I learn about?

Belief and Ethics is a fascinating and useful subject in an ever changing world. Students will learn about two different faiths in detail (Christianity and Buddhism) and will be able to explore a wide range of ethical issues from a religious and secular viewpoint. Students will have the opportunity to visit places of worship linked to Christianity and Buddhism


The life and teachings of the Buddha; Enlightenment; Suffering; Worship and celebrations; Meditation – with the opportunity to practise with a Buddhist Monk or Nun (optional); Buddhist Ethics.


Christian beliefs about the religion and how these are practised; Baptism; Food Banks; Heaven and Hell; Worship and Celebrations; Pilgrimage; The role of Christianity around the World amongst others.

Religion and Life

How the Universe was Created; The Environment; Animal Rights; Pro Life vs Pro Choice; Euthanasia and Suicide.

Religion, Peace and Conflict

Peace; Violence, Terrorism; Just War; Holy War; Pacifism; Nuclear War.

Religion, Crime and Punishment

Good and Evil, Reasons People Commit Crimes; Unjust Laws; Different Crimes; Reasons for Punishing People; Prison and the Death Penalty.

Religion, Relationships and Families

Same-sex relationships, sex outside of marriage, marriage and divorce, contraception and gender equality.

How will my work be assessed?

Students will sit two 1 hour 45 minute exams in Year 11. There is no controlled assessment or course work. There are a range of short and long answer extended questions.

What future opportunities can this lead to?

Belief and Ethics is suitable for a range of different careers including teaching, social care, armed forces, medicine, diplomatic services, or any jobs involving working with people.

Who can I speak to for more information?

For further information about Belief and Ethics please speak to Mr Stevenson, Curriculum Area Leader: Enterprise

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