Key Stage 4 Business Studies

Why should I study GCSE Business Studies?

Ever thought of running your own business? Are you interested in the bwhat will i learn about icon.jpgusiness world around you? Then Business Studies might just be for you. Even if you are not sure what you would like to do as a career, Business Studies opens up many doors, after all, wherever you work, it will be an organisation of some kind.

What will I learn about?

The course covers a fantastic range of topics that focus on both small and large businesses and gives you a real insight into how businesses operate in the real world.

How will my work be assessed?

THEME 1 : Investigating Small Businesses (Exam 50% – 1hr and 30mins = 90 Marks)

Why start a Business: Why businesses set up and how entrepreneurs start a business, from Business Plans right through to location. Different types of businesses are also investigated.
Marketing: Methods of market research and the Marketing mix, product, price, place and methods of promotion.
Finance: Looking at the lifeblood of the business – cash! Cash-flow forecasts, costs and sources of finance along with sources of financial support that businesses are given.
People In Business: This is the most important asset of any business. Looking at the recruitment process, how people get paid, employment and the law.
Production: The different ways businesses make products, e-commerce (the new way of buying and selling) and customer service.

THEME 2: Building a Business (Exam 50% – 1hr and 30mins = 90 Marks)

Growing the Business : Looking at how businesses grow to become Global companies
Marketing 2: Looking at the Marketing Mix of Product, Price, Place and Promotion and how they combine.
Production 2: Why being a bigger business helps production be more efficient.
Finance 2: Taking finance a stage further by looking at profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and analysing the accounts to see how well the business is doing.
People in Business 2: How to keep your staff happy, staff training and motivation.

The course is full of real world examples and we expect ALL students to take an interest in the news and the business world around them. Your ability to use Maths in a practical way is also important for the course as you do financial accounting.

Who can I speak to for more information?

For further information about Business Studies please speak to Mr Staniforth, Subject Leader: Business Studies

Key Stage 5 Business Studies

If you want to be a business leader, run your own business or achieve top management positions, this course will set you up for life.
In Business Studies you will explore the solutions to business problems that help firms succeed. You will understand the different types of organisations, how they operate and how they make a profit, alongside gaining a real understanding of how the business world operates. By showing a future employer that you understand and appreciate how their operations work you will be one step closer to achieving a successful career in ANY organisation you choose to work for.

In year one you will study three topics:
– A Background to Business
– Managers and Leaders
– Decision making in Marketing, Production, Human Resources and Finance

In year two you will cover a further three topics:
– The strategic position of a business
– Choosing a strategic direction to take and how to execute the strategy
– How to manage strategic change

You will also be tested on all the work covered across the two years to gain a full A Level.

This is a dynamic and fast paced course completely brought up to date this year and relevant to the current and future business climate.

Future Study and Career Opportunities
An A Level in Business can lead to degrees in Business Management, Accounting and Marketing.

Potential career routes underpinned by a Business qualification include Entrepreneurship, Banking and Finance, Sales and Marketing, Business Management, Accountancy, Human Resources, Production Management, Public Relations and Retail Management.

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