Key Stage 4 English Language and English Literature

All students will study English Language and English Literature for 9 hours per fortnight​. The changes that have been introduced by the Government mean that English is now double-weighted and it counts twice towards your overall achievement.

What will I learn about?
The GCSE English courses in both English Language and English Literature offer a range of opportunities to explore a variety of texts, both fiction and non-fiction, and to write creatively and analytically.  Our aim is to encourage you to read critically and perceptively and to empathise with what you read in order to understand the thoughts and feelings of others. We also endeavour to use the study of literature in order to facilitate the building of self-confidence, developing lively and enquiring minds.

How will my work be assessed?
The new style GCSEs are assessed solely through examinations which are all taken at the end of Year 11. Throughout Year 10 and Year 11 students will prepare for these exams by studying a range of texts and being assessed through interim practice exams and milestone assessments.  Students will study a range of texts including literary fiction, literary non-fiction and non-fiction, and read and enjoy classic texts such as Frankenstein, Macbeth and An Inspector Calls.  The course also enables students to produce descriptive, narrative and persuasive writing. As well as the compulsory exam component of both English Language and English Literature, students will complete a Spoken Language component, which will involve delivering a presentation on a topic of their choice and answering questions on it.  This mark does not contribute to the overall GCSE grade but is crucial in developing fundamental skills such as critical thinking, practising preparing and delivering presentations, and interacting with others.

Students will study for two GCSEs, English Language and English Literature, and will gain two qualifications at the end of the course.  Whilst sometimes the study of these will overlap, the final marks achieved for the two qualifications are independent of each other.

What courses could I go on to study?
English is essential for all further studies including entry into PGS Post 16 Centre.   Any Sixth Form, College or University will ideally be looking for an English qualification at grade 4 or above depending on the type of course you want to study.

What jobs can this qualification lead to?
English is an essential qualification for all jobs and vocations, as well as for enabling you to communicate and interact effectively in everyday life.

Who can I speak to for more information?
For more information about English please speak to Mrs Mann, Curriculum Area Leader for English or your English teacher.

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