Level 1/2 Technical Award in Construction & the Built Environment

What will I learn about?
The Level 1/2 Vocational Award in Constructing the Built Environment is primarily designed for Key stage 4 students who want to learn about the construction industry from the build perspective. It provides learners with a broad introduction to the different trades involved in the sector and the types of career opportunities available.

How will my work be assessed?
Unit 1: Safety and Security (online exam – 25%)
This unit is to assist students in gaining the knowledge and understanding that will enable them to plan how to minimise risk to their own and others’ health and safety in a variety of construction contexts. Learners will need to familiarise themselves with the legal requirements of health and safety and how they impact upon the construction industry. They will need to consider the risks to health and safety in different situations and how these risks can be minimised. They will also need to be aware of the risks to security within the industry and how these risks can be minimised.

Unit 2: Practical Construction skills (50%)
The purpose of this unit is to assist learners in acquiring practical construction skills within a realistic context. The unit provides a significant degree of flexibility, not only in relation to the breadth of practical skills they may develop, but equally in how these skills may be evidenced. The requirement for the contextualisation of skills means that learners will have to consider what needs to be completed from supplied technical sources, identify what materials, tools and other resources are required, plan for the completion of the given tasks and then evaluate their work.

Three practical skills must be developed from the following list:

  • Wood e.g. hang a door, make a frame, attach a skirting-board, create a timber stud wall
  • Brick e.g. use wall connectors, cut bricks, create wall no higher than a metre, stretcher bond
  • Plaster e.g. apply plasterboard, skim
  • Decorate e.g. emulsion a surface, gloss a panel door, paper an internal corner or around a switch
  • Tiling e.g. floor and wall, patch repair
  • Electrical e.g. lighting, add a new socket
  • Plumbing e.g. waste and taps to a sink
  • Heritage skills e.g. dry stone wall, roofing (change material or patch)

The assignment contains three fundamental tasks – those being to plan, do and review. There are fourteen hours available for the assignment in its entirety, the split between the tasks is:

Planning – 2.5 hours
Carrying out practical tasks -11 hours
Evaluation – 0.5 hours

Unit 3: Planning Constructing tasks (25%)
The purpose of this unit is to assist learners in gaining the knowledge and understanding required to plan straightforward built environment development projects.

The Learning objectives for this unit are:

  • Know job roles involved in realising construction and built environment projects (LO1)
  • Understand how built environment development projects are realised (LO2)
  • Be able to plan built environment development projects (LO3)

The three tasks given in the assignment for this unit require candidates to:

  • Calculate a total amount of money that has to be raised to build the project.
  • Provide details of the roles of the three specialist trades people that should support the construction of the project
  • Plan the construction of the project

Who can I speak to for more information?

For further information about the course please speak to Mr Dobson, Curriculum Area Leader: Technology.

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