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The careers education and guidance at Penistone Grammar School is delivered by CareersInc.   CareersInc is an external, independent and impartial careers guidance service who will support students to aim high in their career goals and aspirations. Our two CareersInc advisers are Mrs Blakeman who is in every Wednesday and Friday and Mrs Robinson who is every Thursday. We are also pleased to introduce our new careers co-ordinator, Miss Gill, who is in school every Tuesday and Friday.

Students at Penistone Grammar School are entitled to careers education and guidance which:

  • is personal and always puts students’ interests first
  • motivates and inspires students to consider all opportunities both within and outside PGS
  • helps students to gain the skills needed to make career ambitions a reality
  • provides the support students need to be successful
  • helps students access any additional support they might need
  • is delivered by trained and qualified advisers, with up-to-date knowledge and understanding of career pathways and local labour market information
  • protects and respects students’ personal information and shares it only with student consent

    Together with staff from CareersInc we will support career development in a number of ways including:

  • information and discussion in lessons and assemblies to help you make decisions about your future
  • a careers fairs
  • access to career advisers in a variety of ways including individual meetings
  • drop-in sessions
  • Support with CV and personal statement writing
  • Interview practice
  • information and updates on FROG, notice boards, plasma screens and websites.  Opposite are also some useful websites.

The SLT Careers Lead is Mr N Green
(Assistant Principal) who can be contacted at

On the FROG student page you will also find fact sheets and links to post 16 providers.​

What Next at PGS? CareersInc Monthly Newsletters




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