Parent Transition Journey

ACTIVITY EVENING Wednesday 10 April

The Activity Evening on Wednesday 10 April for Transition 2019, Parents/Carers and their Year 6 child are invited to attend this evening.

As a school, we appreciate that leaving Primary school marks not only a significant change in your child’s life, but also signals a fundamental change in teaching style, approach to learning and educational expectation.

As educators we know that entering secondary school for the first time can be a potentially daunting time, for both you and your child,  particularly if you are experiencing a child entering Secondary school for the first time. Entering “Big” school is different, and in recognition of that difference, Year 7 transition is managed very differently to other types of enrolment.

The transition journey information below is designed to help guide parents and carers whose child has received notification that their child has received a place at PGS ALC.   

Transition Journey Pre Entry – Year 6

For first time secondary school parents only
Wednesday 19 June 2019

Year 6 Taster Days at PGS

Wednesday 19 June, Tuesday 25 June and Thursday 4 July 2019

New Intake Parents’ Evening

For parents who already have children attending Secondary School 
Tuesday 25 July 2019

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