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We are aware that some people may have received a phishing email sent from staff accounts at Penistone Grammar School.  If you have received an email please:

  • Do not click the link(s) in the email
  • Do not forward or reply to the email
  • Delete the email

If you do click on the link(s), please change any passwords relating directly to your email account.  Thank you in advance.

Transferring from Primary to Secondary school is an exhilarating experience we all have to encounter; for most of us, the nervousness we naturally feel is tempered by the excitement of a new beginning with unknown opportunities.
Sixth Form
It is official! Penistone Grammar School is in the top 1% of A Level providers in the country according to ALPS and in the top 3.5% of A level providers according to the Department for Education. These results were the second best in the whole of South Yorkshire and were the 102nd highest in the country (out of nearly 3000 providers)! Congratulations to the class of 2018 on their outstanding achievements and thank you so much to all your parents and staff who supported them along this incredible journey.
Due to additional demand, we are increasing our intake by over 300 students between 2018 and 2022; we are therefore looking for passionate and innovative teachers and associate staff to join our team! Please click on the image above to direct you to our Vacancies page

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